Allure Spa and Training Academy – Case Study

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Allure Spa and Training Academy has been taking the beauty, spa and beauty training industry by storm, Winner of Scottish Hair and Beauty Award for Best Training Academy of the Year 2017 and Runner up in 2018, Allure Spa and Training Academy was receiving notoriety for their beauty courses before they even had an established training website. 

Allure Spa and Training Academy offer a wide range of courses to its students that cover most of the beauty industry in the UK They offer their courses in both In person and now by fully online.


With Allure Spa and Training Academy, we spent a lot of time during our initial stakeholder Emails discussing the Allure Spa and Training Academy industry, how they were positioning themselves within it, and how they wanted their digital marketplace to stand out in a Allure Spa and Training Academy space. 

Aside from that, we spoke at length of the key objectives that the new training academy website was to hold, most ecommerce website providers do not support the sale of beauty course products, So to be at the forefront was something exciting, especially as COVID has hit the industry really hard. We had our research cut out for us to find the right combination of ecommerce platform, payment processors, and merchant account that would all support related sales.

UX Strategy

Our primary goal with our UX strategy were to feed customers through the journey of either an in person course or an online course, and lead visitors towards purchasing the course. Our job was to combine these two objectives into a seamless site experience for the customer. Each experience was to feel the same to start with for nice and easy flow of ecommerce. For visitors who need more information on the courses and the advanced knowledge that these courses will incorporate, we provided avenues to learn more about the courses. 

Once a visitor feels comfortable with the brand and the science behind it all, the main goal is to drive them to a product course page. Ecommerce works when visitors are buying products/courses, so it is incredibly important that they have quick and easy access to product pages and are led through a simple checkout process to conversion which was. Our Secondary goal was for online courses to make it as simple as possible for a student to be enrolled without any need for user input and to have instant access to their chosen course. 

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Allure Spa and Training Academy provided very specific design references by using their old brochure site during the discovery meeting, which gave us great context into their aesthetic preferences. All were incredibly clean and minimal in design which is the approach we mimicked for our website design. 

Using a wealth of white space and blocked layout, our designs allows all the visitor’s eyes to breathe and then focus in on the most important elements on the page. At the same time, the course product pages are intentionally designed to pack loads of information into a small package by providing detailed information to those who are looking for it while prioritizing leading visitors into the checkout flow and towards conversion.

In terms of development, we used WordPress and WooCommerce ecommerce platform as the foundation for our site as this is what the company already knew for updating etc.. and for ease of use, and built out the custom designs and functionality we needed on top of it. 

One of the biggest challenges we faced was around collecting payments. We had to work with three merchant providers to get the clients specific needs for credit/debit, PayPal and Klarna via APIs. Another challenge was to allow for deposits for In person courses only. We have worked out a way for that to be provided and is all working according to specifications.

With so many different platforms and 3rd party API integrations, it took a lot of work to connect everything together and thoroughly test that the connections were passing along the correct information, but we were able to build out this custom 3 Payment provider solution successfully for Allure Spa and Training Academy.

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Test & Launch

Once the site was coded and the payment collection process was integrated, we needed to be sure it was all working properly for Allure Spa and Training Academy. We conducted extremely thorough testing of the payment flow to ensure the site, the payment gateway, and payment processor were connected properly. 

Once that was squared away, we tested the rest of the content management system (CMS) to guarantee that new content could easily be added in the future so Allure Spa and Training Academy was able to easily manage the site once it launched. Once we were confident that the new site was functioning properly and processed payments as it should, we launched the site!

The Results

Since Allure Spa and Training Academy have launched their new website, they are now in a position to deliver courses fully online and take payments online with no need for extra admin task, phone calls and emails to the students to get them enrolled, In turn saving admin costs and making students get instant access to the courses.

Final Thoughts

With an modern mobile friendly and serenely designed ecommerce learning system website, Allure Spa and Training Academy now has a robust platform to be able to sell their in person and online courses. Leveraging the streamlined backend from WordPress, the site is set up for ease of use for both Allure Spa and Training Academy admin and front-end visitors and students. 

Working with such a forward thinking academy was a fulfilling journey from beginning to end, and we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to lay the digital groundwork for Allure Spa and Training Academy online growth and look forward to working with them in the future.

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